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If you’re looking to monetize and uplift your audience, you’re in the right place...

Deep Origins is one of today’s major online brands in the field of personal growth & spirituality - and we offer you an affiliate earning opportunity like no other.

Our secret is a lush combination of e-commerce, digital learning, and online community building that’s loved by our growing tribe of 2+ million people worldwide.

It’s all part of our mission to heal and unite humanity through the power of ancient wisdom - with the support of a network of partners who share our values and vision.

That’s why our global team of marketing, tech and content experts pays uncompromising attention to your conversions and rewards as an affiliate. And in making sure your audience is delighted with irresistible, high-quality products. A flawless user experience. And robust tracking and after-sales support.

The perfect opportunity for

audiences passionate about...

  • Meditation
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Alternative/energy healing
  • Yoga
  • Astrology
  • Ancient wisdom
  • Sacred science
  • Ayurveda
  • And other areas of personal growth & spirituality

Some numbers you'll love...

  • As an affiliate, you’ll likely enjoy EPCs (Earnings Per Click) of between $1 - $2
  • When you promote a Deep Origins offer to your audience, you can expect a conversion rate of between 1 - 10% (well over industry average for each offer’s price point)
  • No warm-up necessary: all Deep Origins offers have been optimized for both paid and warm traffic
  • Promoting a Deep Origins optin page? Ours typically convert at a minimum of 40%

Project:Yourself Products Your Audience Will Love...

1. High Performing Funnels

Our proven high performing funnels work over and over.

From bracelets and pendants to crystals and home decor, all are supported by irresistible upsells that add to their overall conversion value and you'll earn a significant percentage of every sale.

2. Project:Yourself Home Training Program: 

Our flagship online program that combines ancient wisdom with space-age science to awaken a person’s dormant ‘superhuman’ powers, so they can bend reality and accomplish the impossible in any area of life and you'll earn a significant percentage of every sale.

3. Project:Yourself Deep Dive Meditations: 

Our bestselling collection of downloadable guided meditation audios for inner peace, healing, and heightened states of consciousness and you'll earn a significant percentage of every sale.

4. Project:Wealth Home Training Program: 

A popular program on how to harness ancient sounds and symbols to attract wealth and abundance into one’s life and you'll earn a significant percentage of every sale.

5. Storewide Discount: 

Treat your audience to a discount coupon on our online store: good for any of our wide range of wearables, crystals and semi-precious stones, and home decor. All sustainably sourced, and all infused with ancient wisdom and you'll earn a significant percentage of every sale.

7 reasons you’ll love collaborating with us...

  1. 1

    Your earnings are guaranteed by HasOffers: one of the best affiliate tracking platforms available today:

    We’ve chosen HasOffers because we believe you deserve a smooth, enjoyable affiliate experience that gives you maximum rewards for minimum time and hassle.

  2. 2

    365-day cookies means a whole year of commissions from your leads:

    Some referral partner programs set their affiliates’ cookies to self destruct within 30, 60 or 90 days. We extend this to a whole year, because we recognize the long-term value of a customer. This also applies if your lead comes back to make additional purchases later on, after making their first purchase.

  3. 3

    You can recruit sub-affiliates and make even more cash with our Two Tier referral program:

    Once your online entrepreneur friends see the results you’re getting with us, many are bound to want a piece of the action. When you refer them to us through our Two Tier referral program, you earn an additional commission percentage every time they make a sale. This applies to customers you refer as well, and we even help you increase the number of sub-affiliates by strategically promoting our referral program to customers.
  4. 4

    When your leads buy certain additional products from us, you make more money too:

    When your leads use our products through our online consumption platform, they’re also being exposed to a strategic selection of tasteful, compelling marketing messages (like banners and calls to action) encouraging them to purchase additional related products. And every time they purchase one that falls under our commissionable category, we pay you for it. This setup lasts for a whole year after their original purchase.

  5. 5

    See a piece of content you like on our site? Go ahead and send your list to it!:

    Do we have a blog post, a free mini course or a landing page that you know your list would love? Just create a simple trackable link to it, and your lifetime cookie/tracking info will be applied to anyone who clicks your link. We’re flexible like that.

  6. 6

    You’re directing your list to authentic, transformational wisdom crafted to the highest standards:

    We believe your customers should thank you for offering them our high-quality products. We make this possible by working with the best content experts to provide unquestionable value at every touchpoint - whether it’s a simple email showing them a meditation technique, or a full-blown manifesting training product. Our formula for loyalty is simple: give customers unique, compelling, genuinely transformational content they can’t get anywhere else, and they’ll happily keep coming back for a lifetime. Which is good for both us and for you.
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    Becoming an affiliate couldn’t be quicker or easier. If you can fill in a simple online form, you’re in:

    Our new relationship could begin just moments from now. Just complete the form at the bottom of this page, tick the box to agree to our terms & conditions, and you're in! No waiting for an application to be approved, no proving how much traffic your website gets, and no unsolicited calls or

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